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Forever and Ever
English Shortstories
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English Shortstories


Only one lonely teardrop ran over my face.
Only one lonely breath I took in this moment.
My clothes were wet and I was too
Have been standing in the rain and thinking about you.

Why had you to leave me now?
Was it really better for us?
You said so but I know
Our time is now not more than dust.

Please don’t forget about me
In everything you’re doing
I know the time was hard with me
But you always said “It’s going”

Only one lonely teardrop ran over my face
And now it felt apart.
I never wanted to let you go
But it’s better even if it’s hard.

I had written this in the middle of the night, so please don't be so strict with spelling, word-order or the rhymes.
I hope you'll like it, even if it's not a shortstory in general.

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