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Forever and Ever
English Shortstories
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English Shortstories


»If I tell you „I love you“, will you stay or walk away?«
This question was so long on my mind and now I had to ask him.
»I don’t know…«, he said and looked to his feet.
Then, suddenly he raised his head and looked into my eyes. His brown eyes hypnotized me as always and I couldn’t have turned my glance away from him.
»Do you really feel so for me?«, he asked. I heard a little bit of fear in his voice and again he turned his head down and looked to his feet.
»Would I say it if it wouldn’t be so?«, I asked back,
After that question he looked up into my eyes.
»If it would be so I would stay«, he said, but it wasn’t more than a whisper.
Now I was the one who was speechless.
»You would…you would stay?«, I asked carefully.
A little red shadow lay on his face around his nose.
»Yes…because…« He stopped.
»Damn, I love you too!«, he shouted and I was absolutely speechless.
What had he said? He loved me too? I really better should go to an ear doctor. I hadn’t heard right. That was absolutely unreal. That couldn’t be real.
But just before I could have asked him whether that, what I heard, was his earnest, he had lay his lips on mine and kissed me.
I never ever had kissed a boy before, but this kiss was wonderful and awesome. I never could have wished me a better first-kiss.
Fire- and Butterflies flew around in my stomach and my head turned into the stand-by-mode.
Everything turned around this great kiss.
After – I think – minutes we broke apart and looked again into our eyes.
»I love you«, he said and held my hand. Then we walked hand in hand into the sunset.

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